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For parents of new players wanting to learn more:
Go to the "documents" tab on the lower left of our home page - click it and read "Parents Meeting Presentation" - this document is old and from last year's season and needs lots of updates (ignore coaching and practice game schedules - they are last years), but has what you need for info on how the program is structured for both boys and girls and the equipment you will need. Secondary to that you can go to the "tips and drills" tab also on the lower left side of the home page to have your son or daughter look at drills for new players that they can start right away. For girls we will be adding drills to this page as we can get to it, but you can also search youtube and google drills for girls lax. Pay most attention to the core drills for throwing, catching and shooting at the start on this page. Also look at wall ball video that can be used for both boys or girls.